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Anna at the Algiers to Cape Town rally 1953

Peter Pinney


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Anna Meisner
Who Wanders Alone & Anywhere But Here

"I travelled by myself from Paris - where I was supposed to study - through Switzerland where I worked at a sort of farm and with the money earned bought a bike. Biked to Italy and gave the bike up as a bad job, and left it at a nunnery near Venice.

I hitchhiked carrying a rucksack to Yugoslavia (Lubjanick where I worked in a hotel to get some cash, and met up with an English student and decided to clim 'mountains'. Didn't much like it and left Tim with his teapot, socks and porridge and saw Trieste. Left quickly as there was only horse and cart as transport!

I went over the border at Skopje and met PP in Greece - Athens. He was the night editor at an English newspaper and I worked as a sort of nanny for the English editor and his Australian wife.

Something happened and it was better to leave, and PP and I decided to travel to Italy - true in his book. We landed as described by PP in Pantelleria, crossed over to Tunisia and Algeria. We got fixed up with the rally (Algiers to Cape Town auto rally). I had to leave South Africa after the rally but didn't have enough money to pay £200 as assurance. Previously AA had been responsible, and had insured the rally.
I decided to stay a bit in South Africa to look around. I found a job in an office as a sort of audit clerk, but was brought 5 months later to the border of South Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe. Still didn't have enough money to satisfy customs, was refused entry and so found a way around with some Africans, crossing a dry river - the Limpopo, into Southern Rhodesia.

Walking and looking for something to do and earn money in Bulawayo, PP* saw me and we both got a job with an English Opera company who were putting on a show called Elizabeth II.

We had to leave and went further, as described in his book. Indeed we went through Bechuanaland (see photo - Dick Baily, an English South African who recruited Africans for Oppenheimers Mines. The crate in the photo contained indeed brandy, and we did some tiger fishing.)
Anna's story continued...