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Pinney's World War 2 Service

Military Medal
Citation for the Military Medal:

"In the month of January, 1945, while this unit was solely responsible for the defence of the JABA RIVER area, Corporal PINNEY with no section officer, led his section in a series of actions against the enemy, always achieving the objective of his patrols, twice routing the enemy from prepared postions and once by his coolness, personal courage and leadership defeating an enemy ambush. On 27 January 1945, he was largely responsible for the success of the attack on the RABERE GARRISON unit by his thorough recce of the enemy positions one day prior to the attack, accompanied by only one other scout, and by his inspiried example in leading his own section to attack. During February, 1945, Pinney again executed a series of successful actions in the MAKAPEKA FORKS sector. In all he was directly responsible for the success of his section in destroying more than a score of the enemy. He himself personally killed 5 bringing his total score with previous actions in New Guinea to 24.

Corporal PINNEY is deadly cool in action and ruthlessly determined. By his downright courage, his utter disregard for his own safety, his cool and calculated orders to his men and his fine leadership he has proved an inspiration and a shining example to his men."

Peter Pinney enlisted in the AIF (Australian Imperial Force) on July 9 1941. On July 11 he was allocated for training with the 1st Field Training Regiment (Artillery). On Nov 1, 1941 he was sent to the Middle East as artillery reinforcement, landing in Suez Nov 22nd.

He was posted to the 2/9th Field Artillery Regiment in the Middle East in Dec 1941, and returned to Australia March 11, 1942.

Qualifying as a signaller he was posted to the 2/3rd Independent Company on Sept. 23 1942, and embarked at Townsville for operations in New Guinea including the Markham area. Pinney returned to Cairns, Australia Oct. 4, 1943, and was hospitalised with malaria Nov. 22nd.

On Aug. 12, 1944, he was transferred to 2/8th Commando Company and Sept 29 was court-martialled for striking an officer and other related charges, being fined ten pounds (approx. $20 Aus). He sailed from Townsville with 2/3rd Commando Squadron on Nov. 10 1944.

Pinney was promoted Corporal on Jan 31 1945. On March 6 he was hospitalized with hepatitis and on Mar 15 was awarded the Military Medal. He rejoined the 2/8th Commando Squadron on April 6 and in May 24 was wounded in action but remained on duty. He was reduced to Private on Oct 12 1945, for being absent without leave.

Pinney returned to Australia on Oct 15 and was posted to the 2nd Salvage Unit on Nov. 13, being discharged from the A.I.F on May 9 1946.

During his service he was sketched by renowned Australian war artist Ivor Hele.