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  This is only a selection of letters, my great thanks to these people,
and others whose letters I have - and still am gladly receiving / Sava Pinney.

Letters from readers
Letter from Michael Kelley

First an introduction. My name is Michael Kelley. I'm a disabled US veteran of the Vietnam War, an artist, writer, and an avid (should say, rabid) reader of first person military histories.....

Within the last year, a friend of mine loaned me a copy of "Signaler Johnson's Secret War" and I was completely bowled over...it was one of the very best works about the combat experience I'd ever read, and it had me in stitches (and visiting the glossary almost every paragraph!) from beginning to end.

I was hooked. Seriously hooked, and there was no breaking the line.
As a result, we stared a religious search for other of your Fathers' s books....the experience was deja vu all over again for us both! No loss in power, sense of humour or the ring of authenticity was evident, and now we were not only hooked, but gaffed as well!...

Whatever sort of father he might have been, you dad was one hell of a talented writer, and a storyteller without peer! His work brings great joy to the hearts of combat veteran blokes like me and my friends. In fact, as I commented recently, his books are among the scant few that put me in a depression when I realize I'm approaching the final pages..I never want the damned things to end!

Most Sincerely
Michael 'Machine Gun' Kelley
Sacramento CA, USA

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Peter wrote a trilogy of War Diaries, published by UQP, later published as a single volume, also by UQP, The Barbarians, The Glass Cannon, The Devils Garden & Signaller Johnston's Secret War