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  This is only a selection of letters, my great thanks to these people,
and others whose letters I have - and still am gladly receiving / Sava Pinney.

Letters from readers
Letter from Stuart Gunning
Feb 2010

Hello Sava -  having  come across the Peter Pinney website, I'm moved to tell  you that your father  had a profound influence on my life. Dust on my shoes was the first 'grown up' book that I read, probably at about ten or eleven, and it set me on a course of adventure in my early teens (in Australia) and late teens and early twenties (in Africa and the Middle East) that defined the early part of my adult life. Your father taught me that I could just 'go', and that I would be rewarded with wonderful experiences, which proved to be the case.
I'm in my early fifties now and all sorts of things have happened in the interim but I still in some ways measure  my progress against the ideal that I took from your father's example.
Thank you

PS - I still have my parent's copy of DOMS*
*Dust on my Shoes

Letter from Jan Matthews
West Australia

Many years ago I worked for a surgeon who had been a Changi prisoner and he read, over time, several of your father's books to us (me and another employee) aloud over lunch. We hung on every word and lived and relished his sang-froid and exotic adventures. Ken tried other books from time to time, but we liked the Pinneys far and away the best!

All the best to you, kind regards, Jan Matthews


Letter from Dom & Sylvia
Dec 2009, Newcastle

Hi Sava !
(edited)...Anyway I must tell you about this great book I found on Sylvia's friend's place's bookshelf here in Newy. Because the cover had this illustration of this town in Africa that we lived in when we were little kids, Kano in Nigeria*. So recognising the place I thought, better check this book out, it's a bit old but let's see if it's any good. And after turning a couple of pages then racing right through it, it was better than good, it really was brilliant.

So I was raving about this book all over town, telling everyone I know they must drop everything and read this book. I was setting all my acquaintances on a mission to ransack bookshops seeking anything by the same author, no luck there, but I did find one more in one of the local libraries.

...so I went online to look up this author that I had been re-reading for weeks, and I found it was... (you already guessed this)... it's YOUR DAD...

Anyway...we (me and Sylvia) want to wish you Merry Christmas with best wishes for a Happy New Year. Ciao Dom (&De Nardi)
*Who Wanders Alone


Letter from Jacqui Calandra
Sept 2009

I have loved Peter Pinney's writing since a nun at my school told me that he was her cousin and that he had already done all the things I wanted to do--and written about them! This morning I was re-reading his return to Sydney* and wondered what had become of him, and decided to "Google" Sooo glad there is a website! Good to see photos of everyone. I still grieve for the disappearance of Marchand**, but do think it is not a bad way to go.

Best of luck, and I like your art work.
Jacqui Calandra

*Lawless & the Lotus
** Dust on my Shoes