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  This is only a selection of letters, my great thanks to these people,
and others whose letters I have - and still am gladly receiving / Sava Pinney.

Letters from readers
Letter from John Manning
Nov 2009, Canada, islands

Such a pleasure to hear from you. I wish you all success in transcribing Peter's diaries. I am sure his entries bring day-to-day events alive.

Just back from the high seas. My friend is a mega-yacht captain. Now and then he needs an extra watch keeper on long passages; so I get to jump aboard and then he flies me home. We went from Vancouver down to San Diego. It was like being on a destroyer. I was given the owner's stateroom, marble bathtub and all.

In January or February we may move the vessel from Mexico to Costa Rica. John

Sept 09

Please forgive the long delay in writing to thank you for the superb war memoir your Dad wrote (The Barbarians). It arrived the day we left on a summer long cruise up the coast of British Columbia. I put the boat on auto pilot soon after casting off from the dock and delved into the book; it carried me back in time to a place where I heard his voice in the words I saw before me. It was like hearing from an old friend after a long absence.

Sava, that was so thoughtful of you. Warmest best wishes, John

Jan 09

Your Father and I knew met each other when he came to British Columbia in the early 1960's. I had just returned to Canada following a solo hitch hiking tour around the world.

I enjoyed his company immensely and treasure his books. When we parted company he gave to me a clay oil lamp and it has been one of my most favorite possesions ever since. Now that I am in my 73rd year of life I feel it would be most fitting to send it on to you and hope that you would give me an address where I might post it to.

It is small, about three inches or so.
Sincerely yours, John Manning

 Thank you John!