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  This is only a selection of letters, my great thanks to these people,
and others whose letters I have - and still am gladly receiving / Sava Pinney.

Letters from readers
Letter from Wayne Lee Hillarys
March 2008

Greetings Sava,

Sadly I am writing this email whilst researching some of my father's military history as a member of the 2/8th Commando squadron in Bouganville, the purpose being to colour the eulogy I will deliver at his funeral on behalf of my sisters and myself. Dad was 85 when he passed.

I immediately recognised the name of Peter Pinney and followed it to this web site and have read its contents with interest. My father remembered Peter often - we spoke a lot about his war experiences when Dad was nearing the end of his life - some of the experiences were troubling to him and although he did not speak of it during most of his life - he did indeed purge himself later.

My father - Ronald Keith LEE was present at the East Perth Lockup - as a serving police officer when Peter was detained after being charged over the gold possession and they renewed their friendship - although it seems Peter was a bit miffed over Dad being " a bloody copper " hehe .... I think Peter asked Dad if he could do anything about the charges and my suspicions are that he was indeed able to do something to help as one of the officers involved in preparing things was Dad's first cousin - but Dad was a bit cagey about the details lol.

I have downloaded the online book "Barbarians" and am keen to read "The Devils Garden" as it seems to be an account of my fathers time in the 2/8th - I know Dad was in contact with Don Astill and exchanged emails from time to time. If you can point me towards a copy of TDG I would be willing to purchase it.

Coincidentally Tom Hungerford and Dad were also in contact from time to time and Tom was until recently in an aged care home in Swan View where my sister's father-in-law was and she was able to put Dad and Tom back in contact with each other - small world methinks.

Regards Wayne Lee Hillarys, Perth Western Australia