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  This is only a selection of letters, my great thanks to these people,
and others whose letters I have - and still am gladly receiving / Sava Pinney.

Letters from readers
Letter from John Pullinger
Nov 2008, Australia

Your dad's greatest fan
Hi Sava
I first read "Dust on my Shoes" in the late fifties while working Brisbane. It inspired me to travel. I met your dad years later and had quite a few conversations with him. He came to a party at my place in the Eighties and I visited him at his home in Petrie Tce and later in Wilston Brisbane. I have a number of his books autographed by him which I treasure. I also have a letter from him shortly before he died. A lovely man, and I just wish I had spent more time with him. But like him, I was a great traveller and have spent a lot of time out of Australia. I have recently written a novel set in the Philippines at the time of the People Power revolution and am working on a second set in Vietnam. I know your dad would have been pleased. He was a great writer, the best travel writer I ever knew.
John Pullinger


Letter from Diana Ingram
Jan 2008, Australia

Your Dad
Hi there,
My name is Diana and I just want to say that your dad is very well known to me, even though I have never read any of his books!

A few years ago, my best friend and one of his mates stumbled across one of your dad's books in a second hand bookstore in Sydney. They bought it (probably for about 50c!) and they both had their turn at reading it. This led to an absolute obsession with your father's books!

For two guys in their mid-twenties who read very little, they were surprising hooked on his style of writing and the content - I think it has instilled in them a love of travelling that they never had before!

About twelve months ago, they both got 'WWPPD' tattooed on their feet! 'What Would Peter Pinney Do...'. I questioned this, and my friend Andy told me that your father just had the greatest philosophy - that anything was possible and that is was possible to go anywhere in the world - even if he'd been told it was impossible!! I guess the tattoo on the feet symbolises the 'travelling'....?

Also, they are always searching for as many copies of your dad's books as they can find (e-bay has been a good source of them apparently) so that they may give them as gifts to friends, their way of spreading his word!!

They also quote as their 'religion' on Facebook 'WWPPD' - although I doubt if anyone knows what that means!!

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that his books have touched a lot of people!
Kind regards, Diana Ingram