Peter Pinney Booklist
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Dust On My Shoes
1952 A&R

Road in the Wilderness
1952 A&R

Who Wanders Alone
1954 A&R

Anywhere But Here
1956 A&R

Ride The Volcano
1960 A&R
Lawless & The Lotus 2007

The Lawless &
The Lotus
1963 A&R 

Restless Men
1966 A&R

To Catch A Crocodile
1976 A&R

Too Many Spears
Pinney & E.Runcie
1978 A&R
The Barbarians, A Soldiers New Guinea Diary

The Barbarians
1988 UQP

The Glass Cannon
1990 UQP

The Devils Garden
1992 UQP

Signaller Johnston's Secret War
1998 UQP



  *Special note: While travelling in Aftrica in 1954 PP also collected and put together 'Legends of Liberia - Collected by Peter Pinney'. There are plans for publication of this title in 2009/10.

The Road to Anywhere
Selected travel writings
1993 UQP