Compare Sandals to Secrets Resorts

Compare Sandals to Secrets Resorts | A Tropical Showdown

Are you looking to unwind by the beach? Sandals and Secrets resorts offer all-inclusive vacations. But which one to choose?

Introduction to All-Inclusive Resorts

An all-inclusive resort includes your room, food, and fun in one price. There’s no need to worry about extra costs.

Comparing Sandals and Secrets Resorts

When it comes to top-notch resorts, Sandals and Secrets lead the way. Each has unique features. Let’s dive in and compare!


Sandals: In the Caribbean, from Jamaica to the Bahamas, each spot has its charm.

Secrets: Spread across Mexico, the Caribbean, and even Spain. More choices for new explorers.

Who Can Go?

Sandals: Just for couples. It’s perfect for lovebirds.

Secrets: Adults only, too. Great for friends and couples alike.

Room Types

  • Sandals: Luxurious rooms and suites. Many with sea views.
  • Secrets: Modern and chic rooms. Some have swim-out access.


What’s inside the resort? Let’s look:

  • Both offer spas, gyms, and pools.
  • Both provide nightly shows and parties.

Dining Experience

Sandals Secrets
Cuisine Types From sushi to steak, choices for every palate. Global flavors, with an emphasis on local dishes.
Number of Restaurants Up to 16 places to dine, resort-specific. Varies, but usually around 7 to 10 restaurants.

Beachfront Access

Both offer direct access to beautiful beaches. Sunshine and waves are waiting!

Weddings and Honeymoons

  • Sandals: Free wedding packages with a stay of 3 or more nights. Customize as you wish.
  • Secrets: Romantic wedding settings. They also cater to your honeymoon dreams.

Activities and Entertainment

  • Both offer water sports and activities on land.
  • Golf, volleyball, and more. There’s tons to do!

Price and Value

Comparing prices can get tricky:

  • Sandals often seems pricier. Yet it may offer more.
  • Secrets can be less expensive. Check what’s included.

Service and Staff

Both boast friendly staff. They’re here to help make your stay great!

Package Deals and Specials

Look out for deals! Both brands offer special prices at times.

Frequently Asked Questions For Compare Sandals To Secrets Resorts

What Distinguishes Sandals From Secrets Resorts?

Sandals Resorts focus exclusively on couples, boasting lush romantic settings and luxury adult-only all-inclusive accommodations. On the contrary, Secrets Resorts, while also featuring adult-only all-inclusive experiences, typically offer a varied mix of tranquility and social activities aimed at adults seeking a getaway.

Which Is More Cost-effective, Sandals Or Secrets?

Secrets Resorts are generally known for offering a more varied price range, which can be more budget-friendly, while Sandals Resorts often cater to a more premium market with their extensive inclusions and specialty services, potentially making them less cost-effective.

Can Families Stay At Sandals Or Secrets Resorts?

Sandals Resorts are created explicitly for couples and do not accommodate children; however, their sister brand, Beaches Resorts, is family-friendly. Secrets Resorts cater to adults, offering an elegant escape without child-specific amenities.

What Are The Location Options For Sandals And Secrets Resorts?

Sandals Resorts are primarily found in the Caribbean, boasting locations in Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Antigua, and other tropical islands. Secrets Resorts also offer enticing Caribbean destinations alongside spots in Mexico, catering to a broad audience seeking a luxurious experience.

Do Sandals And Secrets Resorts Offer Wedding Packages?

Both Sandals and Secrets Resorts are celebrated for their comprehensive destination wedding packages, providing couples with various customizable options to create the perfect wedding experience in picturesque beachfront locations.


Your perfect resort is based on what you want from a vacation. Love and romance? Sandals might be the pick. Fun with friends? Try Secrets!

In the end, both Sandals and Secrets offer escapes to paradise. Compare and choose what works for you. Make memories to cherish forever!

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