How to Fix Sandal Gap

Easy Ways to Fix a Sandal Gap | Step-by-Step Guide for Snug-Fitting Summer Footwear

Do your sandals feel loose? A gap can make for an awkward fit. But don’t fret! Our guide will show you simple ways to fix that sandal gap. Soon, you’ll enjoy a snug and comfy fit for all your summer outings. Ready for a snazzy sandal solution? Let’s go!

Understanding Sandal Gaps

A sandal gap can happen for many reasons. Your sandals might stretch over time. Or, maybe your feet are narrower than the sandals. This guide shows how to close the space for a better fit.

What You Will Need

  • Padding or foam strips
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive, like shoe glue or double-sided tape
  • Rubber bands (for certain techniques)

Method 1: Adding Padding to the Straps

Step 1: Measure the gap between your foot and the strap.

Step 2: Cut a piece of padding to match that size.

Step 3: Attach the padding to the strap’s underside.

This extra padding will fill the space and make your sandal fit snugly.

Method 2: Tightening Straps with Rubber Bands

Step 1: Find a small rubber band.

Step 2: Loop it around the base of the strap.

Step 3: Tighten until you reach the desired fit.

Be careful not to over-tighten. You want comfort, not pinching!

Method 3: Using Water to Shrink Leather Sandals

If your sandals are leather, water might help shrink them. Don’t soak them! Just wet the areas that are too loose. Let them dry naturally, on your feet, for a custom fit.

Method 4: Adjust Buckles or Velcro Straps

Some sandals have buckles or Velcro. Look and see if you can adjust these. Making them tighter can help close that pesky gap!

Extra Tips for a Better Fit

  • Break in new sandals slowly to avoid stretching.
  • Store sandals in a cool, dry place to prevent stretching.
  • Avoid getting sandals wet, which can make them loose.
  • If the gap is too big, consider taking them to a shoe repair shop.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sandal Gap Fixes

Do’s Don’ts
Measure the gap accurately. Use materials that could damage your sandals.
Test the fit as you go. Tighten straps too much, or your feet might hurt.
Pick a fix that suits your sandal type. Ignore the material’s guidelines for care.
Choose quality adhesive for a lasting fix. Leave loose ends that can trip you.

When to Seek Professional Help

If you’ve tried these steps but nothing works, it might be time to call a pro. A good shoe repair shop can often work wonders with sandals.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Fix Sandal Gap

Can Sandal Gaps Be Fixed Easily?

Absolutely. Fixing sandal gaps typically involves using inserts or adhesive pads to reduce excess space and improve fit.

What Causes A Gap In Sandals?

A gap in sandals is often due to a mismatch between the sandal’s shape and the wearer’s foot anatomy, or incorrect sizing.

Are Sandal Gap Fillers Comfortable?

Sandal gap fillers, such as cushioned inserts, are designed for comfort and can make your sandals more enjoyable to wear.

How To Prevent Sandal Strap Slippage?

To prevent sandal strap slippage, ensure a proper fit or use non-slip products designed to keep straps in place.

Where To Find Sandal Gap Solutions?

Sandal gap solutions, such as inserts, grips, and pads, can be found at shoe stores, online retailers, or specialized footwear outlets.


Don’t let a sandal gap ruin your sunny days. Use these tips to fix your fit. Remember, the best fix may depend on your unique sandals.

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