How to Fix Sandals That Broke

How to Fix Sandals That Broke

Has your favorite pair of sandals broken? Don’t worry, fixing them can be easy. Read on and learn how!

Understand Your Sandal’s Problem

First, look for where it broke. This will tell you how to fix it.

Common Sandal Problems and Solutions

Problem Solution
Broken Strap Glue or stitch it back on.
Loose Sole Use strong adhesive to stick it back.
Worn Out Sole Add a sole protector or replace the sole.
Snapped Buckle Replace the buckle with a new one.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Your Sandals

  • Strong glue (like superglue)
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • A new buckle (if needed)
  • Sole protector (for worn out soles)
  1. Clean the parts that broke off.
  2. Make sure they are dry.
  3. Trim any frayed edges.

If your strap or sole is loose, put glue on it. Press the parts together. Then, wait for it to dry. Read the glue’s instructions to know how long.

If glue isn’t enough, sewing can help. Use a needle and thread to sew the broken strap. Make small, tight stitches to hold well.

To fix a buckle, remove the old one. Then, put a new one in its place. Some buckles may need a small screwdriver.

If the sole is worn, add a protector on it. This gives it more life. If the sole is loose, glue it back on.

After you fix your sandal, let it dry. Do not use it yet. When dry, try it on and see if it holds.

Tips for Long-Lasting Sandal Repair

  • Use quality materials like good glue.
  • Let repairs fully dry before using your sandals.
  • Be gentle when you wear fixed sandals at first.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Fix Sandals That Broke

What Causes Sandals To Break?

Sandals often break due to frequent wear and tear, poor quality materials, incorrect sizing, or excessive stress on certain points such as straps and soles.

How Can I Repair Broken Sandal Straps?

Secure broken sandal straps by stitching them with strong thread or using adhesive designed for leather or fabric, depending on the material.

Is Gluing A Viable Option For Sandal Repair?

Gluing is a quick fix for sandals, but it’s essential to use the right type of adhesive that bonds with the sandal material for a durable repair.

Can I Fix Sandals With Broken Buckles?

Replace a broken sandal buckle with a new one by carefully removing the damaged buckle and attaching a matching replacement using basic tools.

Are Diy Sandal Repairs Long-lasting?

DIY sandal repairs can be long-lasting if done correctly with suitable materials and techniques that are appropriate for the specific damage.


Fixing broken sandals can be simple. Follow our steps to make them as good as new. Take care of your sandals to avoid more breaks.

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