How to Repair Sandals Insoles

How to Repair Sandals Insoles – Step-by-Step DIY Guide

Is your favorite pair of sandals now uncomfortable? Has the insole worn out?

No worries! You can fix them at home. This step-by-step guide will show you how.

Materials You Will Need

To start, gather these item:

  • New insole material (foam or gel)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Shoe glue
  • Old cloth or rag
  • Small brush (optional)

Step 1: Remove Old Insoles

First, take out the old insoles. Be gentle and use your fingers.

If it’s hard, use a hairdryer to heat the glue.

After heating, peel the insole away slowly.

Step 2: Clean the Sandal

Next, clean the inside of your sandal.

Use a rag to remove any old glue or dirt.

Make sure it’s nice and clean for the new insole.

Step 3: Trace and Cut the New Insole

Now, take the new material. Put the old insole on top.

Use a marker to trace the shape around the old insole.

Then, use scissors to cut out the new insole.

Check if it fits in the sandal. Trim if needed.

Step 4: Apply Glue

It’s time to use the shoe glue.

Apply a thin layer on the sandal where the insole will go.

If you like, use a brush to spread the glue evenly.

Step 5: Place the New Insole

Carefully place the new insole onto the glue.

Make sure it’s in the right spot. Press down firmly.

Let the glue dry. Check the glue’s label for drying time.

Tips for a Long-Lasting Repair

Here are some extra tips:

  • Choose high-quality insole materials for comfort.
  • Give the glue enough time to dry before wearing.
  • If the edges lift, apply more glue and press down.
Pros and Cons of DIY Sandal Insole Repair
Pros Cons
Saves money on new sandals Takes time and effort
Customize for better comfort May not be as durable as professional
Eco-friendly by reducing waste Needs the right glue and materials

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Repair Sandals Insoles

Can Diy Fixing Save Sandal Insoles?

Absolutely. DIY insole repair can save sandals from being discarded prematurely, extending their lifespan and offering a cost-effective solution.

What Materials Work For Insole Repair?

Common materials for insole repair include shoe glue, leather or foam for patches, and sandpaper to smooth rough edges.

Are There Quick Fixes For Loose Insoles?

Yes, double-sided tape or a few drops of shoe glue can provide a temporary hold for loose insoles until a permanent fix is applied.

How To Prevent Insole Damage?

Prevent insole damage by keeping sandals dry, avoiding excessive heat, and using anti-bacterial sprays to minimize wear and tear.

Does Resoling Improve Sandal Longevity?

Resoling can significantly improve sandal longevity by protecting the insole from direct wear and offering a fresh tread for better grip.


Well done! You have saved your sandals and helped the planet!

These steps should make your sandals comfy again.

Enjoy your newly repaired sandals for many walks to come!

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