What to Do If Sandals are Too Big

Discover clever tricks and easy fixes to make your oversized sandals fit perfectly!


Have you ever bought a pair of sandals only to find they’re too big? Don’t worry! In this post, we’ll explore some simple and creative ways to make them fit just right. Whether your sandals are a little loose or way too large, we have the tips that can help. Let’s dive into the world of DIY fixes for your footwear woes.

Easy Solutions for Slightly Big Sandals

First, let’s talk about what you can do if your sandals are just a bit too roomy.

Insert Heel Grips

Heel grips are amazing for a better fit. They stick to the back of your sandals. Your heels won’t slip out anymore!

Add Insoles Or Footbeds

Insoles can make sandals snug. They are soft and comfy. Your feet will thank you!

Try Thicker Socks

If you wear toe-covering sandals, opt for thick socks. They fill extra space easily.

Adjustable Straps

Are there buckles or Velcro on your sandals? Tighten them for a closer fit.

These solutions are great for minor adjustments. They make a huge difference and are super easy!

DIY Fixes for Oversized Sandals

What if your sandals are much larger? Here are some creative tricks to try.

Fill The Toe Area

Stuff the toe of your sandals with cotton or fabric. This trick moves your foot back.

Shoe Pads

Shoe pads can go under your foot. This raises your foot so the sandals aren’t as loose.

Shorten The Straps

If you are good at sewing, shorten your sandal straps. Only try this if you are sure, as it is a permanent change.

Create Additional Holes

For sandals with straps, use a hole punch. Add new holes to make the straps tighter.

Use Water To Shrink Leather Sandals

Some say leather sandals can shrink. Wet them and wear till they dry. Do this only if they are real leather.

Remember to test these fixes before you go out. This way, you know they work well for you.

Store-bought Products to Help with Big Sandals

There are also products you can buy that are made just for this problem.

  • Shoe Inserts: You can find these in stores. They make sandals fit better.
  • Non-slip Sole Pads: These go on the bottom of your sandals. They stop your feet from sliding forward.
  • Strap Cushions: These cushions stick to your sandal straps. They prevent blisters and make the straps tighter.

These products are great if you don’t want to change your sandals too much.

When to Look for a Professional Shoe Repair Service

Sometimes it’s best to get help from someone who fixes shoes for a living.

If you’ve tried everything or your sandals are very expensive, go to a shoe repair shop. They can fix your sandals without damaging them. They know all the best tricks!

What Not to Do

Be careful with certain “fixes” that might ruin your sandals.

  • Don’t use glue unless you’re sure it won’t damage the material.
  • Avoid cutting parts off your sandals. It’s hard to fix if you cut too much.

Frequently Asked Questions For What To Do If Sandals Are Too Big

How To Make Oversized Sandals Fit Better?

Adjust the straps if possible or add heel grips and insoles for a snugger fit, ensuring comfort and preventing slips.

Can You Shrink Sandals That Are Too Big?

Shrinking sandals is challenging, but using water and heat on certain materials like leather may slightly reduce their size with care.

What Inserts Help With Large Sandals?

Consider cushioned inserts, arch supports, or forefoot pads which can take up extra space and improve footbed comfort in oversized sandals.

Are There Diy Fixes For Big Sandals?

DIY fixes include adding adhesive padding, sewing elastic bands, or using double-sided tape to secure your feet in larger sandals.

Is It Possible To Tailor Sandals For Size?

A professional cobbler can often alter sandals to fit better, but major changes may affect the style or integrity of the footwear.


Oversized sandals don’t have to be a bummer. With these handy tricks and products, you can make them fit just right. Always start with the least permanent solution. If needed, work your way up to more permanent fixes.

If you’re not comfortable altering your sandals yourself, visit a professional. They can ensure your sandals are resized without any damage. Now, step out in confidence with perfectly fitted sandals!

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