What to Do If Your Sandals are Too Big

Simple Fixes for Your Oversized Sandals | Make Them Fit Perfectly

Have you ever bought sandals that are just a bit too large? No worries at all! Today, we’ll explore some fun and easy tricks to make those big sandals fit snugly. So, kids and parents, let’s get started!

Why Do Sandals Sometimes Feel Too Big?

Maybe the sandals were the last pair on sale, or our feet might shrink a little in colder weather. It happens to all of us at some point. But, big sandals can cause trips and falls. Let’s fix that!

1. Try Thick Socks or Wearing Multiple Pairs

One simple fix is wearing thick socks with your sandals, or even layering two pairs! Perfect for a cozy look at home.

2. Use Heel Grips for a Snug Fit

Heel grips are small cushions that stick inside your sandals. They help your heels not to slip out. They come in different shapes and sizes.

3. Ball-of-Foot Pads Can Reduce Slipping

Just like heel grips, ball-of-foot pads go at the front inside your sandals. They make the sandals tighter around your toes. This means no sliding forward, yay!

4. Adjust the Straps If You Can

If your sandals have adjustable straps, you’re in luck! Make the straps tighter for a better fit. Easy peasy!

5. Water Shrinking Trick

Some materials, like leather, may shrink a bit with water. Wet your sandals and let them dry in the sun. But check with a grown-up first!

6. Use Insoles for a Cushioned Fit

A soft insole can make your sandals more comfy and snug. Insoles come in many sizes, so find the one perfect for you. Remember, a grown-up can help cut them to fit right.

7. Try Customizable Filler Inserts

Filler inserts go in the front of the sandals. They take up extra space so your feet don’t slide. They are like cozy little beds for your toes!

Comparison Table of Solutions

Solution Where it Goes Best for Sandal Types
Thick Socks On your feet Closed-toe
Heel Grips Back inside sandal Strappy heels, slides
Ball-of-Foot Pads Front inside sandal Open or closed-toe
Adjustable Straps Straps on sandal Any with straps
Water Shrinking Whole sandal Leather sandals
Insoles Inside sandal Any type
Filler Inserts Front inside sandal Peep-toe, open-toe

The “Don’ts” When Fixing Big Sandals

There are things we should not do when fixing our big sandals. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t make the straps too tight. This could hurt your feet.
  • Avoid using too much water on non-leather sandals. They could get ruined.
  • Don’t use sharp things to poke holes in the sandals. This could break them!

Frequently Asked Questions Of What To Do If Your Sandals Are Too Big

Can You Shrink Oversized Sandals Effectively?

Absolutely, shrinking oversized sandals is possible using various methods such as water immersion and heat application, though it’s crucial to consider the material before proceeding.

How To Make Big Sandals Fit Better?

Adding padding or inserts tailored for sandals can significantly enhance fit, offering a quick and effective solution for sandals that are too large.

What Are Quick Fixes For Loose Sandals?

For an immediate temporary fix, try attaching adhesive heel grips or padding to the sandals, which can make them more secure and comfortable.

Is It Possible To Adjust Sandal Straps At Home?

Yes, most sandal straps can be adjusted at home either by cutting and re-stitching, using a punch hole tool, or applying Velcro for added adjustability.

Can Cobblers Resize Sandals That Are Too Big?

Professional cobblers possess the expertise to resize sandals, typically through shortening straps or adding material to improve fit, ensuring a custom and comfortable result.


There you have it, friends! With these tips, you’ll make your big sandals fit just right. Always remember to be careful and maybe get help from a grown-up. Happy sandal-wearing!

Pro Tip:

Keep your sandals looking and feeling great by checking their fit every now and then. Enjoy your perfectly fitted sandals and have a wonderful day!

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